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The Local Arts Network (LAN) is an initiative to build capacity and excellence amongst Local Arts Agencies so they can better serve their communities and to provide opportunities for validation and support. The LAN is open to leaders from Local Arts Agencies across Illinois.

With guidance and leadership from the LAN Council, a team of Local Arts Agency (LAA) leaders who assist with planning and implementation and the Illinois Arts Council:

  • Provide professional development and resources to LAAs
  • Encourage statewide and regional communication amongst LAAs
  • Convene LAAs to exchange information and tools
  • Activate LAA networks to build public value of and public will for the arts

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What is a local arts agency?

The Illinois Arts Council defines a Local Arts Agency (LAA) as a community-based organization or an agency of city or county government that supports the growth and development of all of the arts in the identified area of service which meets all of these standards:

  • Governance by a board which reflects the needs of the organization and community it serves
  • Evidence of ongoing community and cultural asse
  • ssment and planning that involves the diverse population of the community
  • General promotion and encouragement of the public to understand excellence in, and value of, the diverse art forms represented in the region
  • Continuity of professional (paid or volunteer) management and year-round operations
  • Services to a defined geographic area
  • Provision of at least three of the following programs and services in a variety of arts disciplines:
    • Regranting funds to artists and organizations
    • Producing or presenting programs not otherwise offered within the region (e.g.,festivals, public art, exhibitions, concerts, workshops)
    • Providing technical assistance to artists and arts groups
    • Coordinating arts-in-education programs for schools and the community
    • Functioning as a cultural advocate in the community
    • Fund-raising for the benefit of artists and arts groups that provide programming in the service area
    • Providing or managing facilities for the creation or presentation of the arts