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Illinois Arts Council Agency Staff

Staff names are hyperlinked to email addresses.  

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During COVID restrictions, IACA staff is working remotely.  While staff checks their phone messages, it is recommended to contact staff via email for quicker response time.  

Name Title Phone Number
Joshua Davis-Ruperto Executive Director

(312) 814-6758

Encarnacion Teruel Deputy Director (312) 814-4991
Yazoo Hall Chief Fiscal Officer

(312) 814-6772


Pamela Thomas Executive Assistant

(312) 814-6794

Romie Munoz Director of Administration

(312) 814-8250

Willie Lin Administrative Assistant (312) 814-6070


Teresa Davis Program Director (312) 814-6753
Susan Dickson Program Director

(312) 814-6740

Jerome Grand Program Director (312) 814-6766
George Tarasuk Program Director

(312) 814-3916

Jackie Banks-Mahlum Program Director (312) 814-4990
Danielle Heal Program Rep (312) 793-1060
Margaret Gonzalez Program Rep (312) 814-6755


Sandra Velazquez Accountant Supervisor

(312) 814-4993

Grants Office

Pius Zacharias  Director of Grants Management (312) 814-3300
Shaun Banks Office Specialist (312) 814-3111


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