Arts Impact

$14 billion in compensation for Illinois workers was generated by arts and culture jobs in 2015  Follow this link for details. 

$25.9 Billion is generated by the arts and culture sector, representing 3.3% of  GDP in Illinois according to the US Bureau of Economic Analysis. Follow this link for details.

667 organizations including 216 non-arts organizations providing quality IACA supported arts experiences for the public (FY2019).

98/92 % of Illinois Senate/House districts receiving direct IACA support (FY2018).  Follow this link for a list of all IACA grantees by Legislative District.

133,087 Illinois artists directly benefiting from IACA support (FY2018).

22 local arts agencies partner with IACA to support statewide arts programming (FY2019).

16 grants totalling $471,355  were directed to Illinois school districts in developing arts and foreign language curricula in partnership with the Illinois State Board of Education (FY2018).

100% of all legislative districts throughout Illinois receive free access to local and regional news, public affairs and arts programming through IACA support for Illinois Public Radio and Television (FY2019)

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