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Using Salesforce

IAC utilizes an online grant system developed in Salesforce. Through this system applicants can view open grant programs, submit applications, process grant acceptance paperwork, file appeals, and submit quarterly and final reports.

The online grant system can be accessed directly at:

General Information

  • Compatible Internet Browsers: The system operates best in Google Chrome.  Firefox and Safari are both supported, but not preferred. Internet Explorer is not supported.
  • Two-Hour Time-out: If you do not save your activity after two-hours the system will log you out after a pop-up warning. To avoid losing any data, make sure to save all work before shifting attention away from the online system/application. Please note two-hours of typing time does not qualify as activity and you must connect back to the system server by clicking save for the system to know you are working.
  • Login: Your email becomes your login.
  • Passwords: Passwords must be 8 characters and must include alpha and numeric characters. Passwords expires after 90 days and must be reset.
  • Bullets and Special Characters: Pasting from a word processing program into narrative fields will work. If the field allows for formatting or special characters they will also paste accordingly. Note that only certain fields will allow for formatting.
  • Pop-ups: Please know the system functions using pop-ups. Ensure pop-up blockers are disabled before logging into the system.

Change of Information/Contact:


  • If your organization has a new individual managing grants please have them make a new user account here:
  • Notify IAC staff when that is complete, and the new user will be assigned as the owner of the organizational account and past applications.
  • The new user should update any pertinent details in the Applicant Information tab when they login to the organizational account.


  • Individual artists can update the details in the Applicant Information tab at any time.
  • If a change is needed to the email used for login please create a new user account with the new email here:
  • Notify IAC staff when that is complete, and the new user will be assigned as the owner of your account and past applications.

Returning Users:

When logging in please confirm the details in the Applicant Information tab are current.

New Users:

New users (for individual artists or new organizations) should create an account in the Salesforce system and start by populating the Applicant Information tab.

We encourage you to carefully review the IAC Applicant User Manual to learn how to:

  • Get Started
  • Create a Grantee Community User Account
  • Add Your Information to the System
  • Create an Application
  • View and Edit Your Application Information
  • Receive and Sign your Grant Agreement
  • Complete Quarterly/Final Reports