The Illinois Arts Council website has been designed to be optimally accessible to individuals with disabilities. The site was developed using the technical standards of the Illinois Information Technology Accessibility Act, which became law on August 20, 2008, and was tested using assistive technologies like JAWS.

Large Fonts

This website can easily be increased to almost twice its normal size.

If you are using Internet Explorer 5, 6, 7 or 8, try it out:

  • Open Internet Explorer's "View" menu (or press Alt + V)
  • Select "Text Size" (press X)
  • Select "Largest" (press G)
  • (Turn Large Fonts off by doing the same but selecting "Medium" or pressing M.)


If you are uncomfortable with the mouse, you can operate the entire web site using just the keyboard:

  • Press the Tab key to move from link to link (or Shift + Tab to move backwards).
  • Press the Enter key to activate a link.
  • Use Alt + Left Arrow to go back a page.

Or, to fill out forms:

  • Press the Tab key to move from field to field.
  • Press Up Arrow or Down Arrow to move between items in a list.
  • Press Spacebar to check or uncheck radio buttons and checkboxes.
  • Press Enter to activate buttons.

Assistive Technology

Our web site is also compatible with assistive technology software that can help people with disabilities. For example, people who are blind can use JAWS for Windows to read the web site out loud, and people who have trouble using their hands can control the web site using only Dragon Naturally Speaking and their voice.

ADA/504 Access Coordinator

Individuals who are blind or have low vision or have learning impairments may obtain assistance regarding Illinois Arts Council applications and written materials by contacting the ADA/504 Access Coordinator at the IAC office:

Teresa N Davis
(312) 814-6753
TTY: (888) 261-7957

What Do You Think?

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