Illinois Arts Council Agency Announces Executive Director

CHICAGO – Illinois Arts Council Agency (IACA) Chairman Shirley R. Madigan today announced that the Board has elected Joshua Davis as the Agency’s Executive Director.

Mr. Davis began working with the agency in 2008 and has served in several different capacities, including Deputy Director and Acting Executive Director. He earned his bachelor’s degree from Western Michigan University, his master’s degree from Brandeis University, and  has been active in the Chicago theater community and non-profit sector for many years. He currently lives in Chicago.

Chairman Madigan said that “We were very pleased to elect a leader who is highly educated and has great expertise and knowledge in technology, government, arts-in-education, and architecture. Joshua’s unwavering commitment to the core values of the IACA make him the ideal choice to move the agency forward in its mission to build a strong, creative and connected Illinois through the Arts.”

We are pleased to announce Joshua Davis as the Executive Director of the Illinois Arts Council Agency.

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