FY08 Artists Fellowship Awards

State of Illinois Recognizes and Rewards Artistic Talent

The Illinois Arts Council is honored to announce the fiscal year 2008 Artists Fellowship Award recipients. Non-matching fellowships in fixed amounts of $7,000 are awarded to Illinois artists in recognition of their outstanding work and commitment within the arts. This year, thirty-eight Illinois artists will receive Fellowships totaling $266,000. Finalist Awards of $700 were also awarded to fourteen Illinois artists for a total of $9,800. The Finalist Award category recognizes and encourages additional applicants who demonstrate considerable talent.

The Artists Fellowship Program offers funding for twelve artistic disciplines on a two-year rotating cycle. This year's Fellowship and Finalist Award recipients were selected from 496 creative artists working in the disciplines of Choreography, Crafts, Ethnic and Folk Arts, Media Arts, New Performance Forms, Prose, and Scriptworks. In FY09, awards will be offered in the seven other disciplines of Interdisciplinary/Computer Art, Music Composition, Photography, Poetry, and Visual Arts.

Announcing the IAC FY08 Artists Fellowship and Finalist Award recipients, listed by discipline and followed by this year’s jurors:


Jan BartoszekChicago$ 7,000
Rachel BuntingChicago$ 700
Shirley MordineEvanston$ 7,000
Dmitri PeskovPlano$ 7,000
Mary ShanahanChicago$ 7,000

The following jurors reviewed this year’s Choreography applicants: Ms. Yin Mei Critchell, Port Washington, NY; Jennifer Tsukayama, Phoenix, AZ; Kevin Ward, Santa Fe, NM


Jerry BleemCicero$ 7,000
Darlys EwoldtChicago$ 7,000
Anke LohChicago$ 700
Mitchel T MartinLake In The Hills$ 7,000
Jamie ObermeierNaperville$ 7,000
Ann Coddington RastChampaign$ 700
Kristina SparksArlington Heights$ 7,000

The following jurors reviewed this year’s Crafts applicants: Myung Jin Choi, Philadelphia, PA; Donald Friedlich, Madison, WI; Tracy Krumm, Raleigh, NC


Tatsuyuki AokiOak Park$ 7,000
Hector DuarteChicago$ 7,000
Gustavo LopezChicago$ 700
Victor PichardoOak Park$ 7,000
Hema RajagopalanOak Brook$ 7,000
Dennis StroughmattAlbion$ 7,000

The following jurors reviewed this year’s Ethnic and Folk Arts applicants: Sue Eleuterio, Highland, IN; Elena Martinez, New York, NY; Lisa Rathje, Harrisburg, PA


John C ArndtForest Park$ 7,000
Melika BassChicago$ 7,000
Sadie BenningChicago$ 700
Jodie MackChicago$ 7,000
Miguel B SilveiraChicago$ 700
Peter ThompsonChicago$ 7,000
Wenhwa Ts'aoChicago$ 7,000

The following jurors reviewed this year’s Media Arts applicants: Christopher DeLaurenti, Seattle, WA; Narcel Reedus, Dallas, TX; Robyn Tomlin, Lafayette, NY


Tekki LomnickiChicago$ 700
Joseph RavensChicago$ 7,000
Hoyun SonChicago$ 7,000
Marvin TateChicago$ 7,000

The following jurors reviewed this year’s New Performance Forms applicants: Dan Kwong, Santa Monica, CA; Tracie Morris, Ann Arbor, MI; Mei-Yin Ng, New York, NY


Pinckney BenedictCarbondale$ 7,000
Nancy BurkeEvanston$ 7,000
Cristina CarreraSummit Argo$ 700
Marianne ChubbChicago$ 7,000
Giano CromleyChicago$ 7,000
Kass FleisherNormal$ 700
Kimberly FooteChicago$ 7,000
Matthew Gavin FrankBuffalo Grove$ 7,000
Elizabeth J LiwazerChicago$ 7,000
J. Adams OaksChicago$ 700
Martin PerdouxChicago$ 700
Paula W PetersonEvanston$ 7,000
Lee ReillyChicago$ 7,000
Jacinda TownsendCarbondale$ 700
Elizabeth WetmoreChicago$ 7,000
Mike ZapataChicago$ 7,000

The following jurors reviewed this year’s Prose applicants: Kathleen Alcala, Bainbridge Island, WA; Matthew Eck, Kansas City, MO; Ira Sukrungruang, Oswego, NY


Janis CraftChicago$ 7,000
Wendell EtherlyChicago Heights$ 7,000
Ronald FalzoneChicago$ 700
M. E. H. LewisEvanston$ 7,000
Sharon EvansChicago$ 700
John ReegerRiverside$ 7,000
David RushMurphysboro$ 7,000

The following jurors reviewed this year’s Scriptworks applicants: Max Bush, Hamilton, MI; Diane Lake, Boston, MA; Dominic Taylor, St. Paul, MN

About the Illinois Arts Council: The Illinois Arts Council was created by the Illinois General Assembly in 1965 to survey and assess the needs of the arts throughout the state; identify existing legislation, policies, and programs which affect the arts and evaluate their effectiveness; stimulate public understanding of the importance of cultural institutions; promote an encouraging atmosphere for creative artists in Illinois; and encourage the use of local resources to develop and support the arts. 

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