FY07 Artists Fellowship Awards

Illinois Arts Council Announces FY07 Artists Fellowship Award Recipients

Chicago ---The Illinois Arts Council (IAC) is pleased to announce the fiscal year 2007 Artists Fellowship Award recipients. Non-matching fellowships in fixed amounts of $7,000 are awarded to Illinois artists in recognition of their outstanding work and commitment within the arts. This year 49 Illinois artists will receive Fellowships totaling $343,000. Finalist Awards of $700 were also awarded to 26 Illinois artists for a total of $18,200. The Finalist Award category recognizes and encourages additional applicants who demonstrate considerable talent.

The Artists Fellowship Program offers funding for 12 artistic disciplines on a two-year rotating cycle. This year's Fellowship and Finalist Award recipients were selected from 826 creative artists working in the disciplines of Interdisciplinary/Computer Art, Music Composition, Photography, Poetry, and Visual Arts. In fiscal year 2008, awards will be offered in the seven other disciplines of Choreography, Crafts, Ethnic and Folk Arts, Media Arts, New Performance Forms, Prose, and Scriptworks.

The following jurors reviewed this year’s applicants –

  • Interdisciplinary/Computer Art: Brian Knep, Boston MA; Sandy Maliga, Los Angeles CA; Ricardo Miranda Zuñiga, Ridgewood NY;
  • Music Composition: P.Q. Phan, Bloomington IN; John Rapson, Iowa City IA; Daria Semegen, E. Setauker NY;
  • Photography: Kelli Connell, Youngstown OH; Dan Ferro, Grinnell IA; Xavier Tavera, Minneapolis MN;
  • Poetry: Carol Ann Davis, Charleston SC; Marlon Esquerra, Coral Gables FL; Dorianne Laux, Eugene OR;
  • Visual Arts: Frances Bagley, Dallas TX; Astrid Bowlby, Philadelphia PA; Phillip Sanders, New York NY; Carolyn Swiszcz, West St. Paul MN; F. Maria Velasco, Lawrence KS

Following are the Fiscal Year 2007 Artists Fellowship and Finalist Award recipients listed by discipline.

D. Denenge Akpem Chicago$700  
Steven Badgett Chicago$7,000 
Shawn Decker Evanston$7,000
Kevin Hamilton Urbana$7,000 
Mary Patten  Chicago$7,000 
Patricia Badani Chicago$700  
Sarah Ross Urbana$7,000 
Ryan CohanChicago$7,000   
Nicolas CollinsRiver Forest $7,000
Raphael CrawfordChicago$700
John ElmquistChicago$7,000
Robert Fleisher DeKalb $700
Jeff GreeneChicago $7,000
Joan HickeyWilmette$7,000
Ryan IngebritsenChicago$7,000
Morgan PowellChampaign$7,000 
Stephen Andrew TaylorUrbana$7,000 
Jane Fulton AltEvanston$7,000
Iwona BiedermannChicago$7,000
Liz CockrumHoffman Estates$700
Yvette Marie DostatniChicago$700
Mary FarmilantChicago$7,000 
Jennifer J GreenburgChicago$700
Christy KarpinskiChicago$7,000
Nate LarsonChicago$700 
Melissa Ann Pinney Evanston$7,000
Sa SchloffChicago$700 
Anna ShteynshleygerDes Plaines$700  
Deborah R StratmanChicago$7,000
Brad TemkinSkokie$7,000 
Brian UlrichChicago  $7,000
Victoria AndersonChicago$7,000
Averill CurdyChicago$7,000
Brett FosterWheaton$700 
Allison E JosephCarbondale$7,000
Carl MarcumChicago$7,000 
Peter O'LearyBerwyn$7,000 
Katie PhillipsSt Charles$700
Susan Azar PorterfieldDeKalb$700
Christina PughEvanston$7,000
Srikanth ReddyChicago$7,000
Michael RobinsChicago$700 
Austin SmithFreeport $7,000  
Judith ValenteChicago$700
Avery R YoungMaywood$700 
 Luke Aleckson Chicago $700
 Michael Barnes DeKalb $700 
 Javier Chavira Joliet $700 
 Antonia Contro Chicago $7,000 
 Michael Dinges Oak Park $700
 Stephen Fessler Carbondale $7,000
 Meredith Foster Belleville $700
 Brian F Haberman Peoria $7,000 
 David Ingenthron Chicago $7,000
 Kevin Kaempf Chicago $7,000 
 Joseph Kohnke Evanston $7,000
 Stacza S Lipinski Chicago  $700
 Bruce Noel Mortenson Chicago $7,000
 Jacqueline Moses Skokie $700
 Judith Mullen Wheaton $7,000
 Ashley Nason DeKalb $7,000
 Rod Northcutt Chicago $7,000
 Seamus Liam O'Brien Chicago $7,000
 Mark Porter Chicago $7,000
 Steve Reber Chicago $7,000 
 Elizabeth Shreve Chicago $700
 Christopher Tavares Silva Chicago $7,000
 Diane Simpson Wilmette $7,000
 Sumakshi Singh Chicago $7,000 
 Geoffry Smalley Chicago $7,000
 Ann Toebbe Chicago $700
 Robert Lee Turner Chicago $7,000
 Eric Wert Chicago $7,000
 Bernard Williams Chicago $7,000
 Raymond Yeager Jacksonville  $700






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