FAQS in Response to COVID-19


Q. Will the upcoming 2020/21 application deadlines be changed?

A. No. The Illinois Arts Council Agency will continue to accept grant applications at our published deadlines. All applications are submitted electronically through systems that are unaffected by the COVID-19 situation.

Q. What if our organization applied to for a grant and we need to make a change to our project as a result of COVID-19?

A. Applicants should notify IACA staff of any significant changes in their project that occurs after they have submitted their application. Our staff will work with you to determine the appropriate course of action.


Q. We might have to cancel our grant project (or part of our grant project). What options are there?

A. Please reach out to your Program Director as soon as this looks like a possibility. IACA would like to work with you on the use of your grant funds within the grant period to the greatest extent possible.


Q. Will I be able to contact IACA staff?

A. Yes. Whether working at our offices or remotely, our staff will be available to answer your questions. Email is likely the best way to reach the staff currently, even if it is to schedule a call. Staff contact information can be found here or you can email iac.info@illinois.gov.

Contact Information