eGrant: Getting Started

Applicants need only one account. Applicants that have already used the Illinois eGrant system should not create a new account. Contact the IACA if there is uncertainty on an existing account. Log-in names or passwords can be changed by selecting “If you do not remember your information, click here.”

All first-time users to Illinois eGrant must create a new account. Each organization or artist should create only one account. There are two exceptions:

  1. College and university applicants should create one account for each program or department that will be applying .
  2. An artist who is also with an organization must have two separate Illinois eGrant accounts, one for the individual artist and one for the organization. Do not attempt to use the same account.

Login names can be any string of numbers and letters. Passwords are case sensitive and must be at least 6 characters long.

Double check that the contact e-mail address is entered correctly. Illinois eGrant will use this address to send confirmation of submissions through Illinois eGrant. If a confirmation e-mail is not received, the Contact email may have been entered incorrectly. Contact Lynn Strehlow at the IACA to fix the entered e-mail address.

After logging onto Illinois eGrant, you will see a sidebar containing four options from which to choose.  The "Instructions" tab will give a quick overview of the site.  The "Drafts" tab will contain any applications that have been started, but not completed.  The "History" tab contains a listing of the applications and final reports previously submitted by the organization.  Click on the "Opportunities" tab for a list of available applications and final reports. 

It is important to click one of the "Save" buttons at the bottom of each screen or any unsaved data will be lost. To stop and return later simply select the "Save Your Work" button at the bottom of the screen before logging out.

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