eGrant: Editing an Application

After selecting a program from the “Opportunities” tab on the left side bar, an applicant can begin filling out an application. The form is divided into multiple sections requesting specific details from the applicant. The left sidebar offers a series of tabs that allow for jumping back and forth between these sections. At the bottom of each section is a series of buttons that allow you to either go back to the previous section, save the application, or move to the next section. If an application is saved, but not completed or submitted, it will be moved into the “Drafts” tab in the left side bar of the main menu. Illinois eGrant sessions will time-out after extended inactivity, so please save often.

This page is a place to attach documents that have been completed in accordance with the instructions outlined in the guidelines. Upload the documents to this page by clicking the “Browse” button next to the appropriate attachment. This will open a search window on your computer’s hard drive. Navigate to the appropriate document, select it and click open or select. The file name will now be listed in the window to the left of the “Browse” button. To attach the document to the Illinois eGrant application click on the “Save Your Work” button. Confirm that the correct document has been uploaded. If needed it can be viewed or deleted.

All uploaded documents must adhere to all requirements outlined in the guidelines of appropriate disciplines. This includes file format, document length, and content.  

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