Yang Ying

Qi Wenjuan
Artist / Program Description: 
As a composer of world fusion music, renowned erhu virtuoso, and longtime soloist for China's premier traditional song and dance ensemble, Yang Ying's shows are a cross-generational and cross-cultural celebration of music. Her performances bridge East with West, past with present, and classic with contemporary, making for a truly unique experience.

Ying has developed a commanding stage presence through her many years as a featured soloist in concert halls throughout Asia. Her typical performing venues are those interested in celebrating Chinese culture, presenting virtuostic musicianship, and hosting truly unique, contemporary world fusion music. Depending upon the venue, Ying typically performs with between three and seven accompanying musicians.

She also offers select arrangements of traditional pieces and is currently arranging her own compositions for full orchestra accompaniment. Ying is also available as a lecturer on traditional forms of Chinese music, the history of rock music in China (she founded Cobra, the first all-female rock band in China), and music and healing.
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