Umoja People

Artist / Program Description: 
Umoja People is an expression of culture through the arts of music, rhythm, movement, and spoken word. The company provides performances that excite the audience’s sense of rhythm in a gumbo of jazz, African drums and percussion instruments, blended with the creative movement of dance, and topped off with spoken word and song. Performances are tailored to suit the needs of each audience by using different combinations of talented personnel to meet program and budget needs of presenters.

Umoja People consists of James “Bumper” Moore, Paul Rayon, and Wasi Young, who have worked together since 1989. They have escalated their passion for sharing information into performance mode.

Umoja People Poetry and Music features a core poetic group plus Due Season, a four-piece instrumental band that provides musical accompaniment, mostly in the easy-listening jazz/jazz gospel genre.

Umoja People Ensemble features combinations of the following talents: Sonja Lee (dance), Terence Lee (bass), Johnny Walker (drums), Richard Nunley (keyboard), Marcus Gentry, Peggy Cusic, Crystal Green, and Diamond (vocals), and Geoffrey “Doc Grove” Watts (poetry).
Performing artist/company/ensemble