Susan L. Nigro

Artist / Program Description: 
What could be more intriguing than the idea of a normal-sized female musician making a solo career using a huge instrument weighing fifteen pounds and containing over eighteen feet of tubing? Contrabassoon crusader Susan L. Nigro, a native of the southside of Chicago, has done exactly this, making a name for herself as one of the world's very few soloists/recitalists on the instrument. Not content merely with orchestral freelance work, this "Contrabassoonist with a Cause" has made it her mission to bring this little-known but important instrument the long-overdue attention and respect it deserves. Sue's emphasis is on solo performance with the contrabassoon, and she has presented dozens of recitals in addition to making innumerable solo appearances with various orchestras, bands, and other ensembles. Her solo performances are frequently accompanied by master classes, workshops, or lecture-demonstrations designed to enhance the understanding and appreciation of the instrument's unique sonority, engaging personality, and surprising versatility. Sue's quest for contrabassoon solo literature has led her to commission and perform many new compositions, and she has premiered more solo works for this instrument than has any other musician.
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