Morikeba Kouyate

Diane Dekkert
Artist / Program Description: 
Morikeba Kouyate is a seventh-generation Jali (Griot) and has performed professionally for more than thirty years. Morikeba performs around the country as a solo artist, enticing audiences young and old with exciting music and engaging stories. He performs in his traditional Mandingo language, providing translations in English. Additionally, Morikeba can translate into French. Morikeba Kouyate has recorded two CDs.

The Music of Senegal and Mandingo Royals & Warriors Folklore are traditional and contemporary songs and stories which share the history of the Mandingo people from more than 700 years ago. These call and response songs are engaging and purely delightful. The stories are mesmerizing. The music and folklore repertoire are appropriate for all ages. Morikeba can engage any audience with his commanding and passionate performances and possesses a special knack in performing for youth, young adult, and adult audiences.
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