Mike Anderson

Steve Warmowski
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Author, singer, storyteller, singer, dulcimer player, educator, workshop leader, multi-instrumentalist...

Music, storytelling, and humor have made Mike Anderson one of the most sought-after performers east of the Mississippi. A collection of original writings entitled The Great Sled Race won a Parents’ Choice 2000 Silver Honor. "Anna’s Old Boot," a music and storytelling recording, received 2003 Parents’ Choice Honors, 2004 Parenting Media Honors, and also won the 2003 Children’s Music Web’s Best Children’s Song.
Under the auspices of the Illinois State Board of Education, Mike conducts teacher workshops for developing literacy through the art of storytelling. As an author and elementary school teacher, his early-childhood shows are also legendary. One principal has said, "Mr. Anderson works well in structure and excels in unstructured situations where he can utilize his creativity and problem-solving skills. He is a superb communicator, master teacher, and an exceptional leader in any setting."
While the mountain dulcimer, guitar, banjo, jaw harp, and nose flute are a part of his musical storytelling trade, his power to guide teachers to help students is among his greatest strengths. His workshops on "Promoting Higher Level Thinking Through Classroom Activities" and "Storytelling for Literacy for Early Childhood Teachers and Parents" have been nationally recognized.
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