Michael J. Miles

Artist / Program Description: 
Michael J. Miles has created numerous works that he describes as "musical documentaries for the stage." His programs include:

THE MAGIC BANJO: A social, political, and musical journey into the heart of America. Solo show.
AMERICA 1941: A cultural, musical, and political profile of the US in 1941, featuring a cast of twelve.
CHICAGO RHYTHM & RHYMES: A musical and poetic portrait of Chicago. Solo show or ensemble.
HOW AFRICA MET IRELAND IN AMERICAN SONG: A demonstration of the rich African and Irish influences in American music, featuring a cast of twelve.
AMERICAN SONGBAG: A decade-by-decade portrayal of the music, society, and politics of the 20th century. Solo or ensemble.
PROPAGANDA & POLITICAL SONG: A presentation of the political contexts and performance of some of the 20th century's most powerful songs, featuring a cast of ten.

"Highly recommended"
- Hedy Weiss, Chicago Sun-Times

"Most beautiful I've heard"
- Pete Seeger

"Absolutely wonderful, funny, wistful, exciting and thought provoking"
- John Mahoney (Steppenwolf Theatre & Frasier TV show)
Performing artist/company/ensemble