The Lira Ensemble

Warren Johnson
Artist / Program Description: 
The Lira Ensemble is the nation's only professional performing arts company specializing in Polish music, song, and dance. The Lira Ensemble is Artist-in-Residence at Loyola University Chicago's Lake Shore Campus and includes five performing groups: The Lira Singers female vocal ensemble, Lira Chamber Orchestra, Lira Chamber Chorus of mixed voices; the Lira Children's Chorus - "Dzieci"; and the Lira Dancers. The ensemble performs serious, folk, and popular Polish and American music as well as Polish folk and court dances in authentic costumes. Narratives in English give insights into Polish-American history and traditions. Lira has made six concert tours of Poland and has produced nine recordings which are sold worldwide.

Full-stage productions and chamber concerts are available from solo, duet, or a twelve-member group to a full company of singers, dancers, and orchestra (about fifty artists) plus the Lira Children’s Chorus.

A Polish Christmas at Orchestra Hall and other concerts of Polish folk, classical, ancient and patriotic music.

The Lira’s cross-ethnic performances include African-American and Polish-American Music, Mexican and Polish Carols and Hymns, and A Concert to Celebrate Mexico’s Cinco de Mayo and May 3rd - Polish Constitution Day.

Performances are narrated in English and can be tailored for specific age and ethnic groups.
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