Kiu Haghighi

Artist / Program Description: 
Kiu Haghighi is known as a santour virtuoso in concert halls around the world. The santour he plays is often called the box zither of the Middle East. It originated in the eleventh century and is the prototype of the piano. Kiu's work as both a performer and a composer combines and blends traditional Persian forms with contemporary ones. His audiences have remarked at Kiu's new approach to the age-old tradition of the Persian santour. Audiences always remember the energy and vigor of expression of Kiu Haghighi in his musical performances. He has remained faithful to a desire to share classical Persian music with western audiences.

Kiu Haghighi performs a varied program of classical Persian musical styles. His santour program consists of concert pieces which are his own original compositions. Kiu offers a 45-minute performance which highlights the exciting classical forms of Persian music.
Performing artist/company/ensemble