Kalapriya Dance

Steven E. Gross
Artist / Program Description: 
Kalapriya Dance is a national touring company that consists of five to seven dancers who perform classical Indian dance. Artistic Director Pranita Jain has been described as a choreographer who “transfixes her audience” (Washington Post) with style that encompasses the “grace of India” (Lerner Publications, Chicago) and provides “a joyous experience” (India Today: North America Special). Vibrantly dressed in traditional costumes, Kalapriya dancers bring high-energy performances with their rhythmic footwork. The dancers delicately visualize ancient and modern poetry with their fluid hand symbols and animated eyes.

Kaal or Eternal Time: A contemporary theme exploring the symbolism of the Hindu lord of dance, Shiva.

Ramayana: The story of the household Hindu hero, Rama, with tales of valor, chivalry, love, and duty. An evening-length program where, along with battle scenes and court rivalries, the culture of India comes alive.

Kathak Natyam: Explores the realms of two diverse classical dance forms and finds a common meeting ground of rhythm by fusing Bharata Natyam and Kathak styles of Indian dance.

Tatti's Tales: Stories of India: A family-focused production exploring ancient Indian tales relating universal life-affirming lessons through traditional Asian Indian dance.

New repertory is always being developed.
Performing artist/company/ensemble