Franceska's Marionette Theater

Betty Cvengros
Artist / Program Description: 
Franceska’s Marionette Theater was created in Czechoslovakia more than thirty-five years ago and has toured many international puppetry festivals throughout Europe. Franceska’s Marionettes Theater has extensive experience with every kind of puppet imaginable, but the Troupe’s favorite will always remain the marionette.


The Emperor and the Nightingale: Hans Christian Anderson’s classic tale comes to life as performed by Sicilian marionettes for audiences of all ages.

Magnificent Marionettes (Folk to rock to pop): Pull 112 strings and travel with fantastic European handcrafted marionettes incorporating music and dance.

Little Red Riding Hood: A well-known classic played with hand and rod puppets; see what happened on the way to Grandma’s house.

The Nutcracker: Tchaikovsky’s magnificent ballet performed on the puppet stage with elaborate scenery and lights. The story is told by Godfather Drosel Meyer.

Christmas Around the World: Eight marionettes celebrate Christmas around the world in song (Ireland, Spain, Germany, Croatia, USA, and South America).
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