David L. Stocker

Artist / Program Description: 
David Stocker has been an actor, a community activist, and a musician. Since attending Yale Drama School in 1985, David has been developing young artists and performers through music and performance. The Illinois Arts Council-sponsored The Origins of Music curriculum includes David’s performances as a solo artist and with the popular multicultural ensemble ONE DRUM. David presents to tens of thousands of school children and educators each year from Illinois to Florida.

Using drama, story, movement, costume, and a collection of musical instruments, both ancient and modern, David and ensemble create a highly participatory atmosphere for students of all ages to explore the origins of music and song among the world's cultures. In the performances and workshop activities, students learn about themselves and their ancestors, the world, and their place in it. Students hear sounds that they have never heard before. They come to view themselves as part of the web of existence.

ONE DRUM ensemble presentations: Around the World in Fifty Minutes, Let Peace Begin With Me, and A Journey through the World of Latin Music.

David’s Stories include: The Boy Who Brought Musiki to the People, The Story of Queen Marimba, An Aboriginal Creation Myth, Human’s First Cell Phone, and The Talking Stick.
Performing artist/company/ensemble