Daniel Marcotte

Suzanne Plunkett
Artist / Program Description: 
Daniel Marcotte, an upbeat and witty performer, combines songs and stories with Renaissance instruments including the lute, the gittern, cittern, tin whistle, and Irish bodhran (drum). Joking and jesting, Daniel performs with a number of dialects and character voices, and loves to get a laugh from the audience. With a B.M. in Voice Performance and Master’s of Music in Renaissance and Medieval Music, Daniel has performed at the University of Chicago, the Oriental Institute, the Chicago Cultural Center, the Chicago Field Museum, the Bristol Renaissance Faire, and the Chicago Humanities Festival. Daniel brings life to his stories and songs through audience participation and always keeps his listeners on the edge of their seats!

Daniel combines songs with tales of maidens and pirates, Irish fairy legends and stories of ancient Egypt, King Arthur, the Brothers Grimm, and Robin Hood. These tales are full of comedy and tragedy, wit and wisdom. Many tales are original compositions, carefully crafted to blend music, story and poetry. He also sings gentle lute songs and bawdy broadside ballads of the Renaissance and discusses the role of the bard throughout early modern Europe. Programs include In the Days of Knights, Irish Legends and Songs, and for children, Merlin, Dragons, and Magic, Oh My!
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