D. Kucha Brownlee

Artist / Program Description: 

Kucha weaves a rich tapestry of fanciful folktales, frolicking fables, proverbs, and dialect into her performance art. Her unique presentation is accompanied by shekere playing, enhanced by audience participation, which involves singing, learning, and lots of fun. The shekere is an African instrument made of a beaded gourd, referred to as a time-keeper or air cleanser. Some say that no negative vibrations can exist when a shekere is being played.

Jumping Jambalaya includes diverse stories, folktales, call and response, and dialect. A Kwanzaa Celebration presents nguzo Saba (Seven Principles) in story and song. The Harlem Renaissance Revisited highlights the excitement of an era captured in story and song (Dunbar, Ellington, Hughes, Hurston). Talkin’ Animals includes adventure tales in which spider, coyote, rabbit, and turtle use their cunning wit and humor to outsmart other animals (Anansi the spider, Brer’ Rabbit, Coyote, Turtle). Wondrous Wonders of Women presents stories by and/or about women (Asantewaa, Coleman, Curie, Hurston, Truth, Tubman). Civil War speaks of strange bedfellows - a nation torn. Voice Your Choice allows you to choose the theme, author, and season.

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