Craig Sjogerman

Suzanne Plunkett
Artist / Program Description: 
Craig Sjogerman combines physical comedy, wordplay, comic juggling, and ingenious audience participation in all of his fast-paced performances. Since 1979, he has performed for thousands of schools, libraries, and community groups all over the country. His programs use theater and vaudeville to explore history and the environment and to promote self-esteem. Craig’s creative audience participation will get dozens of people up on stage to perform with him. “He falls, he flips, and his timing is so good he can get a laugh by slowly raising an eyebrow.” In addition, Craig has taught theater, clowning, improvisational comedy, and playwriting in hundreds of classrooms.

Dr. Gesundheit Clown Therapy Show: Vaudeville, physical comedy, juggling, and unique audience participation.

The Sweet and Bitter Fool: Trickster characters in stories from around the world.

Wild World: Masks, storytelling, and dance. Captain Moredough, an exotic animal dealer, learns valuable, magical lessons about bio-diversity.

Our Kind of Town: Stories of Chicago. Learn that the beauty and strength of Chicago lies in cultural diversity.

Surely You Jest: Quester the Jester needs to please a ruthless monarch and save the kingdom. Only through the audience’s improvisational participation can the Jester complete his quest.
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