Cinema of the Deaf

Artist / Program Description: 

The Chicago Institute for the Moving Image, or CIMI, is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to making the world of cinema more accessible to everyone. Their annual Festival for Cinema of the Deaf showcases short and feature films from around the world that involve deaf artists. CIMI does not show films “about” deafness, but instead they promote films by, for, and of the deaf.

Festival for Cinema of the Deaf (FCD): With more than 100 short and feature films from dozens of countries worldwide in CIMI’s library, FCD regularly hosts intimate film screenings for groups of all sizes. With powerful feature films from Asia, Europe and North America, as well as shorts from more than thirty-five countries, audiences benefit by glimpsing a world outside their own, a silent world, where visual languages such as film and sign unite to speak to a universal audience. The Traveling FCD aims to invite hearing and deaf audiences to enjoy films together, as well as offering discussions, lectures, and children’s workshops.

Festival for Everyone: CIMI’s programming scope ranges from screening an unlimited number of independent and Hollywood films, including ones that focus on disabilities such as deafness and autism, to broader issues such as theater accessibility, filmmaking for children, and the future of cinema.

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