Chinese Music Society of North America

Artist / Program Description: 
The Chinese Music Society of North America is the most prestigious Chinese music program in the United States. The Silk and Bamboo ensemble, the premier group performing the silk (bowed and plucked strings) and bamboo (wind) music, and the Chinese Classical Orchestra performing with a full spectrum of bowed strings, plucked strings, winds, and percussions, have taken the American musical scene by storm. The performances are "most accessible" and are characterized by "extremely high energy" and "color, intensity, and virtuosity."

Concert programs feature compositions from ancient times to the 20th century. Full concerts, master classes, and workshops are available year-round.

Repertoire includes all-time favorites: Processional, Rain Drops on the Plantain, Dance of Yao, and Moon Mirrored in Erquan.
Performing artist/company/ensemble