A Child's View From Five Cultures: Jamaica, Leningrad, The United States, Mexico, and Japan

Mexico, Dolls, Boy, age 13
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60 ft, unless stacked
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The International Collection of Child Art at Illinois State University contains approximately 8,500 original works produced by children from over fifty countries. The artwork varies from very young children’s depictions to mature, sophisticated compositions. All artwork is matted, labeled with age, gender, country, and title, and framed under plexiglass.


The Art of Jamaican Youth: This artwork was collected in St.Thomas Parish, Jamaica. This brightly-colored exhibit, executed in felt tip, shows many aspects of Jamaican culture and interests.

Leningrad Children’s Art Tempera: Paintings and prints make up this exhibit, which was a gift from the Leningrad Peace Committee to the Citizen Exchange Corps. The artwork depicts local scenes as well as fairytales and farm scenes.

For the Birds: Twenty children from the United States, ages five to twelve, have produced impressive images of our feathered friends. The images vary from sophisticated compositions such as Penguins to the delightful feathered travelers in Heading South.

Mexico as Seen Through Her Children’s Eyes: This delightful exhibit contains artwork by twenty Mexican children who share their perceptions of life in their native land.

Art by Japanese Children: Local scenes, temples, interiors, children playing games, and self-portraits are a few of the images in this exhibit.
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