Cerqua Rivera Dance Theatre

William Frederking
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Cerqua Rivera Dance Theatre (CRDT) was founded by a trio of successful artists: Joe Cerqua, composer and accomplished musician; Wilfredo Rivera, choreographer and dancer, and painter/muralist Matt Lamb. The founding artists' philosophy continues, driving the company to enhance the human experience through the creative fusion of disciplines and making of innovative and original work.

In classrooms, auditoriums, on stage, and in many other settings, CRDT explores contemporary American life – its joys and challenges, historical background and future potential – to help artists, students and audiences understand one another and themselves. By exploring and sharing individual truths and journeys, the company taps into shared experience across the spectrum of any given audience. CRDT leverages art’s ability to combine contemplation, entertainment, and inspiration to bring people together.

Through all of its activities, Cerqua Rivera Dance Theatre reaches over 20,000 people every year in the Chicago area.

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