Beth Horner

Ron Gurulé
Artist / Program Description: 
Beth's vivacious approach to all tales - traditional, musical, literary, historical, and hysterical - makes her the perfect emissary into the world of stories! Entertaining, empowering, and nationally acclaimed, storyteller Beth Horner's rapport with audiences has been called "Unprecedented!" Raucous laughter, grand adventure, tender courage, childhood farmyard escapades, spirited women, the American soldier's experience, love lost and found, and even environmental triumph all vividly spring to life through the wisdom of our world's folktales and powerful tales of true life. Children, adults, seniors, and intergenerational audiences all revel in Beth's programs. She has performed for the National Storytelling Festival, Ravinia, the American Library Association, Women in Management, and Live From National Geographic in Washington, D.C.

For Adults: Three American Soldiers: Three American Stories, Tales of Raucous Humor & Tender Courage, Love Lost, Found & Fumbled, Winifred's Journey: Women of Laughter & Light, Pipeline Blues: An Environmental Triumph, The Haunting & The Humorous, and Family Album: Stories of the Characters of Our Lives.

For Children/Families: Stories of the Night Sky, Barnyard Baths: Adventures on the Family Farm, Myth Makers & Dragon Slayers, American Folktales, Spine Chillers & Funny Bone Ticklers, Wacky, Wild & Woeful Tales, and The Real Characters in Character Education: Heroes & Heroines Across the World.
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