From Around the World to a Chicago Neighborhood

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Changing Worlds is a nonprofit educational arts organization whose mission is to foster inclusive communities through oral history, writing, and art programs that improve student learning, affirm identity, and enhance cross-cultural understanding. Focusing on identity, culture, family history, and personal stories, Changing Worlds’ traveling exhibits and related programs offer schools, community centers, libraries, and others an opportunity to explore issues of immigration/migration, identity, and diversity.

This photography and oral history exhibit, featuring immigrant families living in Chicago’s diverse Albany Park neighborhood, enables viewers to learn about cultural differences and discover common bonds. The family stories, told by children, parents, and grandparents, are presented with black and white photographs of the families and maps showing their former homes and their journeys to Chicago. With translations of the stories in sixteen languages, the exhibit is accessible to diverse and immigrant audiences.

There are two versions of the exhibit. In Version 1, recommended for audiences age nine to adult, the photographs, stories, and maps are printed on colorful free-standing vinyl panels. Version 2, recommended for ages twelve to adult, is presented on two free-standing wooden structures. The photographs are framed under plexiglass and mounted next to each family’s story. A center section of each structure displays original student artwork.
Visual arts exhibit