Anila Sinha Foundation

Anila Sinha Foundation
Artist / Program Description: 
The Anila Sinha Foundation brings the finest exponents of Indian performance to America, cultivates cross-cultural understanding, and perpetuates the performing arts of Northern India. It has established the Academy of Kathak Dance and Music, (Kathak Nrityakala Kendra), which has flourished through professional performances, workshops, lecture/demonstrations, and dance and music courses, and examinations. With a repertoire evolved from mythological stories and abstract interpretations choreographed by Artistic Director Sandhya Desai and composed by Music Director Atul Desai, Kathak Nrityakala Kendra has performed at venues such as the Chicago Cultural Center, Navy Pier Children’s Museum, and University of Chicago.


Cosmos to Kathak: Depicts cosmic energy through movement, creating balance in the Universe.

Tarana: The product of an artistic fusion of Indo-Persian culture, featuring exquisite geometrical designs, pirouettes and intricate footwork.

Ramayana: The story of Lord Rama and moral values from the Hindu epic, The Ramayana.

Suverna: Dancers who continuously weave patterns in pure dance ‘Nritta’ to create an eloquent flow of kinesis.

Soundscape: An interpretation of the mind’s and body’s reaction to sound, music and rhythm.

Yugal: A romantic duet where movements create the illusion of oneness without body contact.

Dasha Avatar: Depicts ten incarnations of Lord Vishnu and mankind’s evolution.
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