Artstour & Live Music Final Report Instructions

How To Complete the Artstour & Live Music Final Report

Artstour & Live Music final report materials will be filed electronically using the eGrant system.

The final report provides details on the project specified in the grant agreement. Grantees will be required to provide financial, statistical, and narrative information, along with published materials verifying activities and compliance with IAC requirements.


Final Reports must be submitted within 30 days of the end date specified on the grant agreement.

Reporting Information:

The eGrant final report requires the following information:

  • Grantee Information- Provide the Grant number and the responsible individuals.
  • Project Information  - Provide:
    • Information on the project,  
    • Statistics on participants;
    • A narrative of up to 8000 characters adressing the following points:
      • How did the project diversify, and/or exapnd current programming
      • How did the contracted Artist, Company or Group meet or not meet expectations
      • What was the project's impact on:
        • the applicant organization
        • the target audience
      • how was the impact measured
    • Required Documentation - Upload up to two examples of published materials related to the project. One example must meet the IACA crediting requirement detailed in the grant agreement. 
  • Financials- Enter totals for expenses and income related to the supported project.


  • Individuals Benefiting from Project: all people that participated, actively or as audience, in the supported activities; does not refer to people benefiting financially; cannot be zero
  • Youth Benefiting from Project: people aged 18 years or younger included in Individuals Benefiting from Project; if zero, enter 0
  • Total Artists Involved in Project: living artists that implemented the supported activities; cannot be zero
  • Total Volunteers Participating in Project: people who contributed time without compensation; if zero, enter 0
  • Applicant Cash: dollars raised for this project or used from organization’s operating funds to cover project expenses
  • Grant Amount Awarded: dollar amount committed to the project by the IACA; refer to grant agreement for correct amount
  • Grant Amount Spent: amount of Grant Amount Awarded that has been committed to residency activities; if grant funds are not received by the deadline for reporting on the project, report on the funds as accrued revenue
  • In-kind contributions: goods or services donated to the project that would otherwise be a cash expense; if zero, enter 0

If you have questions regarding the filing of the final report, please contact Pius Zacharias, Accountant Supervisor at 312/814-3300 or