Tom and Chris Kastle


Tom and Chris Kastle have performed in concert, festival, radio, and television settings for over twenty-five years, both nationally and internationally. They have conducted residencies, workshops, and teacher in-services throughout the Midwest, Maryland, North Carolina, and Florida. Their recordings and children's videos have been critically acclaimed by the Chicago Tribune, SingOut!, Parents magazine, and Chicago Parent. They have designed and taught arts programs and classes for the Old Town School of Folk Music, the Chicago Historical Society, Urban Gateways, the Shedd Aquarium, the Friends of the Chicago River, and the Chicago Maritime Society, among others. The Kastles are founders and artistic directors of the Chinquapin Folk Music & Storytelling Festival in Peoria, Illinois and founders and directors of the Chicago Maritime Festival.

Artistic Statement: 

We offer several interactive music and story programs, many based in folk tradition, for all age groups. We hope that our knowledge, life experience, and good humor may help inspire creativity and positive self-esteem. In our residencies, students write and perform their own stories, ballads, and work songs while recognizing that they are part of an ongoing cultural process. Simple puppetry, instrument building, and scrimshaw may be incorporated. We specialize in the stories and music of our waterways, with an emphasis on lore of the Great Lakes, but a wide range of topics, including local history, ecology, and sea creatures have been covered.

Residency Type: 
Performance Company