For over twenty years, Martin McCormack and Brian FitzGerald have written and performed a unique blend of roots music. McCormack, a classically-trained Irish tenor, plays acoustic bass and guitar, while FitzGerald studied bluegrass and jazz mandolin with the late Jethro Burns and the "Freddy Green Style" guitar on Maxwell Street. Both learned traditional Irish music as "Narrowbacks," drawing on the traditions of "Greenhorn" musicians Cuz Teahan and Bert McMahon.

While Switchback® maintains a touring schedule of concerts/festivals across North America and Europe, they continue to focus on their mission of presenting music at the local community level, playing schools, retirement communities, and non-profits.

Artistic Statement: 

We believe that live music is crucial to the well-being and stability of society. Music is not only a historical vehicle, but also a living testament to what Illinois is today. Live music inspires people of all ages and crosses all boundaries. Switchback® is known for its "American Roots-Celtic Soul." Our songs reflect the rich heritage of our Midwestern state.

Our musical education programs help youth of all ages, races, and creeds embrace all forms of music; empower them to explore the freedom of expression in songwriting and performance; and inspire youth to pursue their dreams by our example.

Residency Type: 
Performance Company