Suzanne M. Berkes


Suzanne Berkes has worked with students of many ages and nationalities, teaching a variety of art classes as well as English as a second language. She holds a B.A. degree in Classical Studies, an M.A. in English as a Second Language, and an M.A. in Art Education with a concentration in ceramics. She is state certified for K-12 in visual arts. Suzanne is currently both a teaching and commission artist working primarily in brick and ceramic sculpture. Her artist-in-residence projects include ceramic murals and ceramic figures. She has often collaborated with classroom teachers, tying the ceramic projects together with science, math, social studies, history, and English. She also provides workshops and technical support for art teachers in ceramic techniques and kiln procedures.

Artistic Statement: 

What primarily draws me to using ceramic materials in my artwork is the physicality and variety of the medium and process. This is something I share with many of the children and adults that I teach. Ceramics also provides a sense of continuity with people who used similar materials a millennium ago - a sense of permanence. Children get a glimmer of their worth and meaning in this human continuum by working with ceramics in a community-based project.
I will work with students as they plan and execute a permanent project using clay and a variety of decorative processes. Projects can be altered to fit a variety of needs and constraints, and thematic connections can be made with other parts of the curriculum.

Residency Type: 
Individual Artist