Sue Black


Recipient of the Prairie Area Reading Council Literacy Award, Sue considers her degree from the University of Wisconsin in secondary education/sociology invaluable in collaborating with educators. She’s been working with students of all ages “forever”, and a professional storyteller since 1997.
Residencies and workshops, aligned with the state standards, are successful in teaching students from diverse backgrounds and academic achievement levels.

Hot off the press!! Sue’s work with student storytellers has been included in two books: Children Tell Stories: Teaching and Using Storytelling in the Classroom by Martha Hamilton and Mitch Weiss, and Telling Stories to Children, released by National Storytelling Press. Storytelling residencies and workshops for students and teachers are high energy and interactive. Black is an approved Illinois CPDU provider.

Artistic Statement: 

Life’s an incredible journey! Hold hands with a friend along the way. Sing. Dance. Tell stories. They show us where we’ve been and the unlimited possibilities of where we can go. Teaching storytelling and story writing with energy and enthusiasm, my focus is on the Big Three – character, setting, problem; beginning, middle, end; voice, gestures, dialogue. That enthusiasm is contagious! Students are eager to tell and write their stories. They become critical thinkers who learn to ask the ‘W’ questions to bring their stories to life, rich in detail. Working with student storytellers and writers, I have seen amazing changes as they experience story success. Talents are awakened, leaders emerge, mentoring occurs, confidence grows, and teamwork builds. Students begin to value the gifts they bring to the world.

Residency Type: 
Individual Artist