Sonata Kazimieraitiene


While living in her native Lithuania, Sonata Kazimieraitiene received an MFA in Design (with a focus on Graphic, Interior, and Industrial Design) from Vilnius Art Academy and worked as a graphic designer and PR/Marketing specialist. Upon relocating to the U.S., she began MBA studies, with a major in Marketing, at Concordia University-Wisconsin. She has since worked with Terra Incognito Gallery (Oak Park, IL) and Dole Art Center (Oak Park, IL) as an instructor and studio member. She is currently a Studio Artist at Chicago’s Lill Street Art Center.

Artistic Statement: 

Though I enjoy every part of the clay-working process, my current approach involves a trusting mutual exploration. Clay has its own life, and it can express what it wants to become in your hands. I just watch, listen, and react. I don’t demand or stress too much and am not afraid of experimenting. I also try to see the possibilities in every step, from the beauty of raw clay to the potential of leftover scraps. Satisfaction comes from realizing I am not in total control, but rather just one of the components in the process. I am most rewarded and inspired when I do my best and leave room for the other players - clay, glaze, and fire - to do their jobs.

Residency Type: 
Individual Artist

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