May I Have This Dance


May I Have This Dance has more than ten years of experience presenting customized dance programs for all age levels. We help teachers achieve eight state goals in the areas of social science, physical development and health, fine arts, and foreign language.

Studio owner and master instructor Nino DiGiulio holds a master's degree in education and, together with Director of Youth Programs Margot McGraw Toppen, has designed an engaging youth dance curriculum (Dancing with Class) specifically geared toward the learning styles of children and young adults. Our large and diverse staff of professional instructors has been trained to use our specific curriculum to deliver programming that is of a consistently high quality. Our teaching methodology focuses on making dance accessible and relevant to all.

Artistic Statement: 

Our mission is to enhance each individual’s life through the joys of social dancing. Many historians say the decline of etiquette in American culture can be linked to the disappearance of partner dance in the second half of the 20th century. By exposing new audiences to ballroom, swing, and Latin dance, we strive to restore social graces and traditions that have been lost in recent years.

Educators find extreme value in our programming because it achieves multiple goals simultaneously. At the core, students explore a universal art form: dance. They learn about the self-discipline and self-expression required when creating art of any category. In addition, they build confidence through a repetition of positive social interaction. They acquire skill in practical dances and learn the cultural significance of each form.

Residency Type: 
Performance Company