Laura Crotte


Laura Crotte hails from Mexico, where she studied Dramatic Literature, was trained by Binoche in Tragedy/Comedy-Dell'Art Mask, and practiced dance techniques including Prehispanic, Mexican-Folkloric, Ballet, Flamenco, Oddissi, and African. She is a broadly experienced educator of theatre, dance, vocal-skills, non-verbal communication, corporal-expression, physical-theatre, multiple-intelligences, and gestalt-psychotherapy. In Chicago, she has performed as a professional actress with the Goodman, Steppenwolf, Chopin, and Mexican Fine Arts Theatres, and is an ensemble member of Teatrovista. Laura has directed several plays in both Mexico and Chicago, including a Mexican-musical version of Garcia-Lorca's Blood-Wedding. She has also served as artist-in-residence for NEIU's Chicago-Teachers Center, CAPE, Urban Gateways, and CPS Language and Cultural Education Office.

Artistic Statement: 

Movement and sound: It’s how I learn and how I relate to the world. The border between dance, music, and theater - languages of expression - are my habitat. In my performance and teaching, there is a rich variety of corporal and vocals that create environments, feature many characters, emphasize action, and enhance the story being told. I frequently include dance, music, choral poetry, masks, and ritual paces to dress up storytelling. Based in non-dramatic literature, poetry, stories, interviews, and personal experiences, my theater work offers challenging questions that provoke research and initiates the ritual of learning through feeling: moving, smelling, touching, comprehending.

Residency Type: 
Individual Artist

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