Kuumba Lynx


In 1996, three young women - Jaquanda Villegas, Jacinda Bullie, and Leida Garcia - came together under the belief that hip hop’s power lies in edutainment. The KL goal is to utilize the hip hop arts movement to increase social consciousness, inner peace, creativity, and universal freedom. KL works to develop healthy hearts, minds, and bodies so that strong community foundations can thrive in a universe comprised of love. KL provides workshops and residencies for enhancing the artistic, cultural, and educational development of children and their communities. In conjunction with arts programming, KL is also an all-ages interdisciplinary performance ensemble. KL nurtures and equips the ensemble with the artistic skills necessary for performing and educating nationwide while staying rooted and connected to their respective communities.

Artistic Statement: 

Our organizational mission is edutainment! Kuumba Lynx's (KL) programming empowers youth and their communities by utilizing art and education. Our performance ensemble inspires social justice through our multi-arts productions, educating audiences while preserving hip hop and exploring our neighborhood and individual stories.

Residency Type: 
Performance Company