Kathleen Ridlon


Kathleen Ridlon is an artist-in-residence at Knox College and the Director of Midwest Dance Group in Galesburg, IL. She received her professional training from The Ailey School in New York City and has a MFA from Smith College. Ridlon has taught dance in higher education, professional schools, after-school programs, nursing homes, and community organizations such as Big Brothers Big Sisters, Boys and Girls Club, and the YMCA. In 2007, Kathleen performed with David Dorfman Dance at Knox College. She has also worked with NYC based choreographer, Doug Elkins, at the Atlantic Center for the Arts in New Smyrna Beach, Florida. Ridlon's choreography has been presented by Midwest Dance Group, Knox College, University of Northern Iowa, Contemporary Dance Oklahoma, Worcester Youth Ballet, and Boston Youth Moves.

Artistic Statement: 

As a choreographer and dance educator, I am interested in sharing the process of teaching and dance-making. Students are not only invited to learn how to dance, but are also exposed to some tools that they might use later for teaching and creating dance works themselves. As an artist, the inspiration for my work comes from an awareness of energy - in people, in movement, in music, and in life situations. My creative process involves the process of layering. I think like a painter, making broad strokes first and later returning to fill in the details. My goals as a dance artist and educator are motivated by a desire to create a sense of community with dance.

Residency Type: 
Individual Artist