Pranita Jain is a classical Indian dancer and choreographer. A graduate of the Center for Indian Classical Dance in New Delhi, India, she trained with India’s foremost Bharata Natyam dancers and choreographers. Coming to the United States in 1985, she pursued a master's degree in dance ethnography from the University of Illinois, which expanded her understanding of ethnic dance forms beyond her native Bharata Natyam form. Jain returns to India annually to perform and exchange ideas with other artists and to keep enriching her knowledge of Indian dance and culture.

Artistic Statement: 

I seek to promote Asian Indian dance and culture through dance performances, workshops, and training programs. I specialize in Bharata Natyam, an ancient dance form that uses stylized hand gestures, theatrical facial expressions, intricate footwork, and complicated rhythms and counter rhythms to visualize poetry, mythology, and universal themes. I have offered dance residencies nationally and internationally. The purpose of these activities remains two-fold: to provide a venue for Asian Indian immigrants and their families to practice and maintain their cultural identity, and to promote a better understanding of Asian Indian art and culture among the general population.

Residency Type: 
Individual Artist