Judith Heineman


Judith Heineman, storyteller, workshop leader, producer, and an Illinois Humanities Council Road Scholar, has appeared with musician Dan Marcotte in Grimm’s Grimmest: the Darker Side of Fairy Tales, Arthurian Legends and Songs, and The Magic Carpet: Egyptian and Sumerian Legends. Heineman has participated in Clearwater Festival, New York; the Illinois Storytelling Festival; and co-chaired the 2003 National Storytelling Conference in Chicago. She has also created commissions for major Chicago museums, including the opening of the Mesopotamian Gallery at the Oriental Institute, Patriots in Petticoats for the Chicago Historical Society, and Mummy Tales for the Adler Planetarium. Says Emeritus University of Chicago Lab teacher Gloria Needlman, “We would travel far to be in the audience of this wonderful teller.”

Artistic Statement: 

My passion is to find the profound stories that lie in each of us. A gesture, a word, a look tells so much. Theater games and warm-up exercises focusing on spontaneity, honesty, process, humor, and risk are played. My more than twenty years in theater, storytelling, and poetry, honed on New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago stages, brings an eclectic mix to a lively, interactive workshop. My goal is to forge an ensemble that leaps off the page. Participants learn to trust their instincts, put their own twist on a traditional tale, start a personal story, and develop techniques to involve their audience.

Residency Type: 
Individual Artist