Jessica Hudson


After graduating from the University of Evansville with a BFA in theatre performance, Jessica Hudson made her way to Chicago. For the past nine years, she has performed and created work between dance and theatre. Jessica’s solo work blends vocabularies of dance, theatre, historical research, digital photography, object (prop) construction, and physical theatre. However, she is most happy in collaboration with others, both on the stage and in the classroom. Jessica has recently shared the stage with Peter Carpenter at the Dance Center of Columbia College, the Neofuturists, and Walkabout Theatre. She is currently working on her first screenplay.
Jessica is a teaching artist with CAPE, Chicago Arts Partnerships in Education, and Redmoon Theatre. Visit CAPE’s website;, to view her work with students at Hawthorne Academy.

Artistic Statement: 

Performance influencing Teaching influencing Performance influencing Teaching

Directives for my art making and my teaching:
· Know the audience... on stage and in the classroom.
· In planning, come to the table with ideas, not as a blank slate.
· Create visibility - Visibility for the art, the learning process, the teacher’s extra work, and the students who might otherwise remain invisible.
· Give from a place of interest and get something out of it. Let it be cyclical.
· Teaching, learning, and performance driven by questions are more valuable than teaching, learning, and performance driven by what is already known. Authentic curiosity activates audience and learner.
· Document. Allow documentation to be part of the entire process.

Residency Type: 
Individual Artist