Ewing Eugene Baldwin


Eugene Baldwin has conducted residencies through the IAC since 1983. Named Chicago Drama Teacher of the Year by Pegasus Players Theater in 2003, he was playwright-in-residence at the City of Chicago’s Gallery 37 for ten years. Baldwin's most recent plays include Water Brought Us, and Water’s Gonna Take Us Away, commissioned by the National Forest Service and produced at Columbia College and during Prop Theater’s New Plays 2003 contest; and I Have Been Here Before, commissioned and produced by the Savanna Arts Council. Baldwin has received IAC Artists Fellowships in Prose and Playwriting. His short stories and poems are published in various literary magazines. His interviews with Tuskegee Airmen have been published and will be included in the archives of the Tuskegee National Monument.

Artistic Statement: 

In creative writing residencies, I’ve witnessed countless examples of personal transformation and epiphany as students discover art. They learn about and explore a process through writing exercises and improvised activities and become aware that writing is a verbal analog for emotive life — cathartic and fulfilling. Writing is also plain fun in the sense of chaos channeled into a creative process. Working with students affords me the challenge of explanation, demystification, analysis, and exploration of meaning. Over 200 of my students have learned about the writing profession by having their works published or produced.

Residency Type: 
Individual Artist