David L. Stocker


David Stocker is a performing musician, award-winning songwriter, and instructor who for more than ten years has presented the Origins of Music as an artist-in-residence. Over 100,000 students in fifteen states have enjoyed these residencies, workshops, and performances. Stocker’s instruments include flutes, drums, guitar, charango, dijeridoo, and singing bowl. With the popular world music ensemble ONE DRUM (www.onedrum.net), Stocker has produced over twenty tours presenting from Seattle to New York to Cairo, Egypt. Stocker earned an MFA from the Yale University School of Drama in 1987. Stocker also creates public art installations by commission. IAC sponsored performances include: International Day of Peace, WTTW11's Arts Across Illinois, Around the World in Fifty Minutes, and Cinco de Mayo: A Journey to the World of Latin Music.

Artistic Statement: 

Entering a school community for a short period of time as an artist-in-residence is the perfect setup for something unforgettable to occur. I want to bring something to help students, excite their imagination, and open a door to a lifelong path of learning. Sound vibration is my medium. In the Origins of Music program, participants join a hands-on learning course involving craft, music, and performance. We trace the common threads of music from different cultures, rediscovering and making aboriginal instruments with inexpensive and recycled materials. Students explore the scientific and healing properties of sound in the magic of a vibrational spectrum. We experience and present fipples and ripples, dijeridoos, bullroars, canjos, bowjos, calabashes, cuicas, and what stories were told under the beriba tree.

Residency Type: 
Individual Artist