Daniel Godston


Daniel Godston teaches through The Poetry Center of Chicago, The Center for Community Arts Partnerships, Snow City Arts Foundation, and at Columbia College Chicago. His poetry and fiction have appeared in Chase Park, Versal, Drunken Boat, 580 Split, Kyoto Journal, Eratica, California Quarterly, After Hours, and other print publications and online journals, and his nonfiction has appeared in print and websites such as Teaching Artist Journal, Afropop Worldwide, and The Jazz Institute of Chicago Newsletter. In March 2006, he gave a presentation entitled “Working with Students to Create Three Dimensional, Multidisciplinary Arts Projects” at UNESCO’s World Conference on Arts Education in Lisbon. He also composes music and plays the trumpet and other instruments.

Artistic Statement: 

I am intrigued by relationships between reality and imagination. How does reality shape imagination, and vice versa? I am also interested in the role of creativity in our world.

Wordplay and the role of language are very important. What is the role of language in poetry? I am interested in exploring relationships between poetic forms and the themes explored within the constraints of those forms.

I am interested in exploring relationships between writing and other art forms, such as music and visual art, as well as its relationships with subjects such as history, mathematics, and science.

These are some of the questions and themes that I explore in my writing, as well in the classes that I teach.

Residency Type: 
Individual Artist