Alpha M. Bruton


Alpha Bruton completed her studies in art education at California State University, Sacramento and earned a master's degree in art administration at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Formal training in studio art, art education, dance production, theater arts, and art gallery management gives her the foundation to manage art education programs successfully. She is an installation artist, which allows her work to synthesize aspects of theater, sculpture, and other two-dimensional forms. Her work has been exhibited in numerous venues in Canada, Mexico, Illinois, New Jersey, Maryland, and on the Western Rim. As an arts advocate, she has served as a panelist for local and state art agencies, as an art consultant for community-based organizations, and has been involved in arts-in-health care programs.

Artistic Statement: 

I believe that one must continue to upgrade art programs through a genuine dedication to the arts. My most important task in the classroom is to instill confidence in the students' own means of expression. Providing students with this foundation encourages them to continue their own exploration of art. They learn that it is the process of learning and creating that is important, not the product itself.

Residency Type: 
Individual Artist

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