Alice George


Alice George has conducted seventeen multi-week residencies in thirteen different K-12 Illinois schools since 2000. Alice surveys teachers after each residency and has consistently received praise for her ability to communicate enthusiasm for creative writing to students and her effective brainstorming and modeling techniques. (Samples of student work and specific quotes from teachers can be found on her website.) Alice has also taught extensively in libraries and after-school programs for at-risk students. Poet and visual artist, Alice received her MFA in Writing from the School of the Art Insitute of Chicago. Alice’s poetry has appeared in more than twenty-five literary journals and four anthologies, and she received an Artists Fellowship in Poetry from the IAC in 2006. She is on the Advisory Board of Rhino, a literary annual.

Artistic Statement: 

If you want to engage and excite student writers, open the door to poetry! Creative writing is a great leveler, naturally accommodating diverse learning styles and intelligences, and thus allowing a wide range of student writers to complete extraordinary work. I am continually humbled by how reluctant and eager writers alike bring their hearts and minds to poetry writing. My residencies help students master skills such as word choice, expression, and use of figurative language while accommodating individual imaginations. Each session includes group brainstorming, where I model strategies to generate strong imagery, exciting language, and surprising emotion. I also integrate other art forms into my teaching (e.g., collage, blues, and video diaries) and have worked with classroom teachers to reinforce science, mathematics, and language arts curriculum.

Residency Type: 
Individual Artist

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